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Currencies - We Cover it All

A currency, as you probably already know, is a means of payment that’s restricted to one country or a specific region. Currencies, also known as money, are in a lot of ways the backbone of our modern civilization. Without money, we couldn’t pay for products and services which would mean that nothing could be sold or purchased and without trade, humans wouldn’t have evolved like we have. In fact, without currencies we would still be bartering like humans did thousands of years ago. One thing is certain, without money neither the computer you sit at or the internet you use would be available.

Today everyone in every part of society is so used to money and different currencies that we all take it for granted. And even though we are all completely relying on money to survive very few of us ever think about where money comes from. Nor do we think about how the paper bills and coins we use as payment today got their value. How come a government can create money from no where? Is there something that insures our money? What is the gold standard? Why does every country have their own currency? How do we know what different currencies are worth? We will answer all those questions and much more in the section we’ve named “Currencies.” We will also provide information about the world’s strongest and weakest currencies as well as a detailed explanation of what a currency union is (spoiler alert: the Euro is the world’s leading, biggest, and most well-known currency union).

Finally, we will also give you insight into new alternative currencies. An alternative currency is a currency that is not restricted to one country but instead works as an international payment method. These digital currencies are called crypto currencies and the biggest of them all is Bitcoin.

Exchange Rates - The Most Exact Live Prices

You have probably heard the term foreign exchange before and like many you might not be sure what it means. You probably understand the term currency exchange better. In fact, both terms mean the same thing and they describe the relationship between two different currencies, i.e. the value of one currency in another currency. To explain this process better we’ll use an example with the Euro (EUR) and the American Dollar (USD).

At the time of writing the currency exchange between EUR and USD is:

1 USD = 0.8509 EUR

1 EUR = 1.1751 USD

Note that currencies are usually written with four decimals. The reason for this is that the fourth decimal (in forex trading they call it a Pip) is the number that’s used to measure the fluctuation of a currency. Let us use the above example again. If the price for 1 USD increases from 0.8509 to 0.8510 EUR it has gone up one pip. Many professional traders as well as most currency converters (including our own), use more than four decimals in order to offer an even more exact rate.

Exchange rates play a very important role in today’s society. Without exchange rates we would not be able to compare the price of two currencies nor would we be able to import and export to other countries. If you want to buy a product from another country the price of that product has to be converted from the local currency to the one you’re using to pay for it. You also need to be able to convert the rate of two currencies if you’re going abroad. However, the most important part of currency exchange is that it can be used to impact a country or a region's economy. The value of a currency is a reflection of a country's economic status - the better a country performs and the higher the turnover is (export/import) the stronger the currency becomes. There are of course other elements that also have an impact on a country's economic status, the value of the currency is just one of them.

Exchange rates are also used when you buy and sell currencies which you can read more about in the section below. But before you continue we want to offer you an overview of the most popular currencies on the forex market in 2016:

Everything You Need to Know About Currency Trading

The biggest investment market in the world is the foreign exchange market also known as the forex market or simply the fx. On a daily basis, roughly 2,000 billion dollars worth of currencies is traded! That means that the foreign exchange market is worth far more than all other markets including the very lucrative stock market.

The reason to why the forex market is so big is not because a lot of private investors trade for huge amounts. No, the reason is that countries central banks trade currencies in an attempt to control the price of their own currency. As you might understand a central bank, like the Federal Reserve in the US, can buy and sell currencies for enormous amounts of money.

What’s interesting with the forex market is that it is not actually a market like others. The forex market is what we call a decentralized market meaning that it does not physically exist. Instead, all trades are done electronically over the internet between two parties. This kind of trading is usually referred to as Over the Counter (OTC).

For a long time the forex market was only available for central banks, hedge funds, investment banks, and the wealthiest people in society. During most of the 1900’s it was only this small collection of people who traded currencies. It was thanks to the Internet that this all changed and the market opened up for private people just like you and me. As a private investor you need to use a foreign exchange broker (forex broker) to trade currencies. A broker acts as the middleman between the two involved parties through a so called trading platform.

One problem with today’s foreign exchange market is that there are too many brokers to choose from which makes it hard to know which one to use. To help solve this issue we have created a list of trustworthy and reliable brokers that we recommend. These brokers are completely safe to use and we guarantee that you will never have to worry about your money or personal information being unsafe if you stick with our recommendations. Read more about the brokers here.

When you invest in currencies you actually buy currency pairs such as USD/GBP, EUR/INR, etc. When you buy a currency pair you also make a prediction on what you think will happen with the exchange rate. If you think (or know) that the price of the American Dollar in EUR will decrease you buy EUR/USD, if you think the opposite will happen you buy USD/EUR.

To become profitable and to start making money from currency trading there are a lot of things you have to learn. Therefore, we recommend that you click this link to get to our section about currency trading. There we cover everything that has to do with forex trading including brokers, leverage, robots, strategies, and tips. In other words, we give you all the information you need to hopefully make some money trading currencies.

Binary Options

There is an alternative way to trade currencies and it’s referred to as binary options. A binary option is not an actual asset like a currency pair but instead a speculation in how the price of an underlying asset will fluctuate. For example, you can buy a binary option if you think the exchange rate USD/EUR will increase and decrease within five minutes.

Binary options are bought through a binary options broker in a similar way as currencies are traded. The big difference between the markets is that binary options are traded for smaller amounts of money with shorter times. You can actually buy binary options with closing times that are as short as a few seconds up to several hours or days. We kind of look at binary options trading as a mix between real investments and casino games or betting.

Currency Converter - The Best in the Business

A currency converter is a tool that’s used to convert one currency to another currency. For example, you can use a currency converter to check how much 1 American Dollar is worth in Euro or Pounds. Back in the days only banks and certain exchange offices could convert currencies and as a private person you had to rely on them for your exchange rates. Nowadays, thanks to technological advances you can use a currency converter online instead.

Access to a currency converter is important when you go traveling since it lets you calculate how much money to take out of an ATM or how much a product costs. It is also essential to use a converter before you buy a currency pair. A feature that all good currency converters have is price history which lets you check how the exchange rate has changed over time. This is especially important to currency traders since it can help them make good decisions with their investments.

We offer one of the leading, easiest to use, and best designed currency converters online. It might sound funny that we mention the design of the converter but the truth is that a good converter needs to offer as much useful information as possible in an easy way. Our converter can be used for price information in real time as well as price history for up to 5 years back.

Another important requirement for a currency converter is that it provides updated and precise information which is why you always have to make sure that you use a trustworthy converter. The currency converter that we offer on gets all its information and TradingView - one of the leading services on the market - which means you can always trust our prices. Please note that many banks offer prices that benefit themselves. A bank has the power to raise or lower a price so that they always make profit when they buy and sell currencies to you.

News - The Latest News and Updates From the Forex Market

One of the most important habits to master as a currency trader is to always stay updated on what’s going on in the forex world. There are many factors that can affect the price of a currency including technological advances, political elections, natural disasters, etc. Therefore we recommend that you read the news daily and keep yourself informed. In order to help you stay up to date we offer our readers the latest news. You can find our news articles under the section called “News” or in the sidebar to the right on all pages. Otherwise, you can click this link.

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